Actions to check battery operation according to norms and standards

Inspection Battery

The battery is tested in accordance with DIN EN 50272-2 / IEC 62485-2 and the manufacturer's specifications. It serves to ensure that the battery system is handled in accordance with the standards and operated in accordance with the product. This ensures that faults are identified as quickly as possible and that appropriate actions are taken in advance to avoid faults and eliminate possible faults.

Inspection Battery

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    • Carrying out relevant measurements (voltages, alternating current, electrolyte density/temperature, room/cabinet temperature)
    • Determination of the electrolyte level (only for sealed cell types)
    • Carrying out relevant visual inspections (screw connections, pole/plate growth, mechanical damage, cabinet/frames, cleanliness, ventilation)
    • Testing of all screw connections for tight fit
    • Assessment of the overall condition
    • Evaluation of the technical condition
    • Compliance with applicable standards
    • Identification and early detection of errors
    • Introduction of suitable actions to remedy and avoid malfunctions
    • Ensure system security
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