Inspection of Safety Lightning

The testing of a safety lighting device is based on DIN VDE 0100-718 and the manufacturer's specifications. It serves to ensure that the system is handled in accordance with the norms and standards. This ensures that faults are identified as quickly as possible and that suitable measures are taken to prevent faults in advance and eliminate possible faults.

Inspection of Safety Lightning

Area of Application

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    Your advantages

    • Checking the charger and setting the maintenance charge if necessary
    • Functional test with connected consumers
    • Visual inspection of indicator lights & signal lamps, display devices (voltage, current, loads), mechanical damage/deformation (inside & outside), circuit boards and contactors, cleanliness and function of the device fan
    • Measurement of input voltage, current and frequency
    • Measurement of maintenance charge voltage, current, device current and the superimposed alternating current
    • Inspection of the monitoring equipment
    • Compliance with applicable DIN standards
    • Immediate fault identification to avoid downtimes
    • Prolongation of product service life
    • Reduction of life cycle costs
    • Proof of warranty claim