Inspection of batteries for industrial trucks

Inspection of traction batteries

With the help of a technical inspection we map the overall condition of your battery. This gives you a good insight into the current condition of your battery. This overview minimizes the number of failures and hazardous situations and guarantees an undisturbed and safe business process.

During a technical inspection, the voltage of a battery is measured, discharged and/or charged cell by cell. In addition to the voltage, the acid weight (electrolyte) is also checked. The ratio between voltage and acid weight gives an indication of the condition of the battery. In addition, a visual check of the battery for safety and proper maintenance is carried out. Any defects can also be remedied by the inspector. This prevents unsafe situations for you and your personnel and guarantees the safety situation in your company.

Inspection of traction batteries

Area of Application

  • Industrial trucks
  • Special-purpose vehicles
  • Agricultural and construction machinery
  • Lifting platforms
  • Cleaning machines
  • Wheelchairs and rehabilitation equipment
  • Others

Product data:

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Your advantages

  • Visual inspection for imperfection, mechanical damages and potential risks
  • Visual inspection for damages or oxidative damages of the plug, cable, connector and terminal screws and wear of connector contacts
  • Visual inspection of the tray for deformations and electrolyte in the tray
  • Visual inspection of the entire Aquafill piping and Aquafill plugs
  • Visual inspection of the electrolyte level with Aquafill - plugs or other fill level indicators
  • Measurement of the total voltage and all cell voltages
  • Measurement of the electrolyte density of single cells
  • Creation of a detailed test report and the final counselling interview
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