We analyze your battery and charger data and optimize your battery fleet on basis of this data.

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Energy is increasingly becoming a critical factor for success. A lack of energy leads to downtime, and if used incorrectly, it is a decisive cost driver. The traction batteries you need to power your vehicle fleet cause high costs if not used optimally. As the main energy source of your vehicle fleet, they are therefore of decisive importance for the efficiency and competitiveness of your intralogistic processes.

Are the batteries charged properly? Are sufficient batteries still available? Is there a need for action at a charging station? Are the batteries sufficient, or are there even too many?

This information is more important than ever for fleet managers today. We provide you with answers to these questions within the scope of a professional consultation.

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trak | analyzer

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    Your advantages

    • Determining the optimum number of batteries
    • Determining the condition of the equipment
    • Maximizing battery life
    • Detecting mishandling
    • Minimizing downtimes
    • Reducing battery replacement times
    • Minimizing the energy consumption
    • Identifying demand-oriented service intervals
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