trak | collect premium

Take advantages of the benefits offered by the trak | collect premium, the only measuring, evaluation and communication unit that displays the “State of Usage” and the “State of Readiness” for lead-acid batteries in industrial applications. This makes the trak | collect premium the most intelligent battery controller available on the market today. 
The trak | collect premium measures the state of the battery in real time, in order to improve operational safety and productivity. It communicates with the elements surrounding the battery (e.g. charger, trak | monitor, PC and vehicle) and transmits diagnostic data to a monitoring system of your choice. With the trak | collect premium, you have the opportunity to continuously optimise your systems, which leads to improved profitability and avoids interruptions to operation.

The advantages
Technical data

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Product portfolio

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  • Predictive maintenance
  • Improved investment protection for battery and vehicle
  • Optimization of driving operation by specifying the remaining driving time

Product data

Construction NA
Series NA
Technology Lead-acid
Performance N.A.
Product group monitoring-and-management

Norms and standards

  • EN-60721-3-3-1995-09
  • EN-60068-2-6-2008-10
  • EN-12895-2015-12
  • EN-55011
  • EN-55022-2011-12
  • EN-61000-6-2-2006-03
  • EN-61000-6-3-2011-09
  • DIN-EN-IEC-62485-3
  • EN-1175-1-2011-06

Typical areas of application:

  • Industrial trucks
  • Special-purpose vehicles
  • Cleaning machines




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