trak | systemizer dynamics

trak | systemizer dynamics is the coolest traction energy system on the market for high-current applications, and is therefore the most efficient solution in the field of lead-acid batteries. trak | systemizer dynamics is the battery concept, which already perfectly meets the requirements of the future classification “efficiency of industrial trucks”.
This battery concept is particularly useful for applications that require high currents in relation to the battery capacity. This system is typically used in heavy-duty vehicles that are faced with simultaneously occurring load requirements on a daily basis, such as lifting, accelerating, lowering, braking and loading of bulk goods. 

The innovative system has outstanding power density and also offers excellent cycle stability thanks to the minimal internal resistance and the AGM system protecting the active materials. These features are especially useful for vehicles with permanently high performance requirements, as this results in considerably increased run times when using trak | systemizer dynamics, even when it has the same starting capacity as PzS batteries. 

trak | systemizer dynamics minimises the waste heat generated by the flowing current. This achieved as a result of the minimal electrical resistance in the battery system. Heating of the battery is actively countered by means of cooling via convection. This is an innovative solution that is made possible by the open design of the battery system. As a result, trak | systemizer dynamics generates less heat than traditional lead-acid batteries and also expels the generated heat efficiently. This means that the battery stays cool², which makes it more efficient and increases its service life.

Our solution is completely maintenance-free: No water has to be added throughout the entire service life of the battery. The system does not contain any free electrolyte, which means that it is non-spillable. The electro-chemical system does not require servicing. For this reason, the battery system has a sealed design. This rules out any risks to the environment or for employees during day-to-day handling of the battery system. Function testing and monitoring of the trak | systemizer dynamics can be carried out during the service intervals for the industrial truck. Every trak | systemizer dynamics solution is planned and developed in an application-specific and vehicle-specific way by our professional team in collaboration with you. When the on-board charger is installed, opportunity charging can be carried out on a flexible basis to increase the range. Even very short opportunity charging can contribute to significant changes to the battery capacity thanks to the excellent charge acceptance. This results in shorter downtimes. As the battery cells can be used in any position, the system is ideally suited to use in complex installation spaces and allows greater freedom for the development of new vehicles.

Technical data

  • Utility vehicles
  • Special-purpose vehicles
  • Lifting platforms
  • Others

Product data:

Construction sealed
Series AGM
Technology Lead-acid
Product group customized-system-and-complete-solutions



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