trak | uplift quadro

Transporting heavy goods by battery-powered vehicles, driving quickly and lifting - electric trucks are moving more and more into areas that were previously reserved for combustion engines. For such power-intensive tasks, however, a conventional PzS traction battery can quickly reach its limits. The trak | uplift quadro is specially tailored to the requirements and challenges of high-tonnage vehicles, high-current applications as well as applications with dynamic load profiles.

The trak | uplift quadro is a lead-acid battery with a special high-current cell design. Due to its lower electrical resistance, it generates significantly less heat at high load than a classic PzS battery.

In addition, the trak | uplift quadro is more energy efficient and requires 7% less energy for each charge than a conventional PzS battery.

Thanks to its innovative cell design, the trak | uplift quadro has the property of maintaining high voltages while delivering high currents and providing the required battery capacity. For users, this means longer operating times for their vehicles, as up to 75% more usable capacity is available.

Technical data

  • Industrial trucks
  • Special-purpose vehicles
  • Agricultural and construction machinery

Product data:

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Your advantages

  • Up to 75% longer runtimes - thanks to the high voltage level in heavy-duty operation
  • Lower energy costs - due to approx. 7% higher energy efficiency
  • Longer service life - thanks to lower heating
  • Suitable for universal use - thanks to dimensions and weight in accordance with IEC and charger compatibility