trak | uplift quadro

The special feature of the trak | uplift quadro is the greatly reduced internal resistance compared to conventional PzS cells, which leads to a significant improvement and stabilization of the voltage situation. In combination with increased conductivity, due to the use of the HOPPECKE double pole concept, with pole inserts optimized for length and material, the high current capability is significantly improved for critical load requirements.

With its excellent performance, the trak | uplift quadro offers an increase in driving time of up to +75%, especially for heavy-duty applications, vehicles with high tonnage, and applications with demanding and dynamic load profiles, while at the same time offering energy savings of up to 8%.

Thus, the trak | uplift quadro combines high-current discharge performance with increased service life in cycle applications. 

The included Protective Shell Separator effectively protects against short circuits resulting from the accumulation of free active material on the negative electrode. A pole bushing with labyrinth system, specially developed for the daily demands of forklift operation, withstands even heavy mechanical stresses and ensures reliable operation with reduced maintenance. In addition, the trak | uplift quadro is equipped with Active Carbon Inside and the trak | air electrolyte circulation system as standard.

trak | uplift quadro

Technical data

  • Industrial trucks

Product data:

Construction vented
Series HPzS
Technology Lead-acid
Performance M
Product group batteries



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