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Energy in the middle of the Amazonas region

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Energy in the middle of the Amazonas region - Tuesday, 04.07.2023

Bringing electricity to small villages through 9,000 systems in the Amazonas region – a great achievement in which HOPPECKE Brazil could take part for the "Mais Luz para Amazônia" (MLA) project. The mission of this special project initiated by the Federal Government of Brazil has now been completed successfully: delivering over 9,000 so called SIGFI systems to bring clean and renewable energy to families that live in isolated areas in states of the Legal Amazon.

A SIGFI-system (Individual Electricity Generation Systems with Intermittent Sources) is composed by solar panels, power electronics – the heart of the system are the batteries. In this case, HOPPECKE sun | power V L 2-350 batteries

They were designed according to DIN 40736-1 and its performance meets DIN/EN 61427. To comply with Brazilian standards, we have obtained the certificate of conformity according INMETRO NBR 14200 (ordinance 004/2011) by CPqD.


“At HOPPECKE, sustainability is one of our core activities. We're driven by a passion for renewable energy and a deep desire to create a greener future for all. Contributing to the MLA program is an honor, and we're immensely grateful for the opportunity to empower the local families.”

Mr. Celso Xavier, Senior consultant at HOPPECKE. 

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