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HOPPECKE sun | power batteries - worldwide projects in an overview

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HOPPECKE sun | power batteries - worldwide projects in an overview - Monday, 19.06.2023

For more than twenty years now, HOPPECKE sun | power batteries in combination with photovoltaic systems have facilitated autonomous power supply day and night, around the world in national parks of South America, remote regions of Africa and Asia, in rainforests and many other environments. They contribute to economic 
development, support medical care and enable numerous communities, camps and villages to have sustainable access to clean, safe, independent power.


1.3 MWp solar off-grid systems for rural areas in Sierra Leone 

HOPPECKE has worked together with the systems inte-grator Asantys and other partners for the Rural Renewable Electrifi cation Project (RREP), implementing the largest off -grid energy project in Sierra Leone. A delivery of 20 power asset containers brought green power to more than 6,650 households for the first time.


Sustainable access to electricity in the middle of a rainforest

The journey to the next town is seven days on foot from some of the indigenous communities deep in the Costa Rican rainforest. Now four schools and a community centre in the Talamanca region have a reliable power supply around the clock thanks to a project by the non-profit organisation “LOVE FOR LIFE” and HOPPECKE battery storage.


Electricity supplied in the Afghan highlands

A hydropower solar plant, one-of-a-kind in the world, was installed in collaboration with Phaesun, a partner of many years, and the Afghan fi rm Zularistan. It provides a reliable power supply to 1,500 households, a hospital, a mosque and a school in the remote mountain village in the Darai Nur valley at an altitude of 2,000 metres. The facility uses 216 sun | power VR L 2-3500 units.


Solar and battery plants for the WWF

For years, three camps and a laboratory for the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) have been supplied with reliable power in the Dzanga-Sangha Tropical Forest Reserve in the Central African Republic, using a photovoltaic system combined with HOPPECKE batteries.



“Our sun | power batteries have enabled us to provide a sustainable energy supply in numerous projects throughout the world, improving the quality of life for people wherever they are. The low maintenance needs, cycle stability and durability of these batteries are the key characteristics which make them perfectly suited for remote regions which are difficult to reach.”

Danilo Zithier, Sales Manager Africa | BU Reserve Power






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