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Sustainable access to electricity in the middle of a rainforest in Costa Rica

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Sustainable access to electricity in the middle of a rainforest in Costa Rica - Tuesday, 15.03.2022

The journey to the next town is up to seven days on foot from some of the indigenous communities deep in the Costa Rican rainforest. Surrounded by tropical plants, macaws, toucans and waterfalls, four indigenous nations have been protecting the rainforest for decades. They act as guardians of one of the most important natural resources on our planet.

In order to strengthen the cultural, social and economic self-determination of the approximately 100 indigenous families and to enable sustainable access to energy, the non-profit organization LOVE FOR LIFE has facilitated a project in the Talamanca region to supply the population with electricity 24 hours a day. 

For this purpose, more than 300 HOPPECKE sun | power VR M batteries are used in combination with a photovoltaic system. Due to their low maintenance intensity and ruggedness, they are particularly well suited for remote regions such as the one in Talamanca. They ensure that electrical devices such as printers and computers can be used in the school, as well as radios for external communication. Furthermore, families have now access to light at night for reading, working or cooking. A total of four schools, one community center and 80 indigenous households thus receive sustainable access to clean and safe solar energy and ensure the economic and energy independence of indigenous families in the Costa Rican rainforest.