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Happy Birthday grid | aquagen!

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Happy Birthday grid | aquagen! - Thursday, 16.12.2021

The recombination system grid | aquagen, developed in the late 1960s, is an established part of today’s HOPPECKE product range.

It provides a simple, intelligent solution for our customers to use, above all in sensitive areas where safety and stable, uninterrupted, low-maintenance systems are critical.

The way grid | aquagen works is as simple as it is ingenious: hydrogen and oxygen gas arising from the use of the battery are recombined using a precious-metal catalyst to form water vapour, which condenses on the walls of the unit and is returned to the battery. There are two versions of this unique recombination system available. The grid | aquagen pro is designed for battery capacities up to 500 Ah. For batteries of greater capacity there is also the grid | aquagen pro max, with expanded function designed to accommodate larger quantities of gases to combine.

The grid | aquagen system has been applied more than four million times in its history in hospitals, data centres, power plants and switching stations. Users are impressed by its simple handling and its low need for maintenance.

Happy Birthday, grid | aquagen! 



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