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HOPPECKE solutions for Data Centers in Helsinki


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HOPPECKE solutions for Data Centers in Helsinki - Friday, 12.11.2021

New challenges for data centers

Data centers are crucial for processing and securing the everexpanding data volumes and are currently facing huge challenges. Among those are, for example, the increase in data traffic, optimisation of energy demand and the need for greater reliability. The nationwide provision of digital infrastructure and services can only be ensured if there is a fast and, above all, reliable Internet connection. The speed, reliability and capacity of the networks are, no matter where we are at any given time, of great significance and by now even systemically relevant. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems are therefore required in almost every data center and protect IT systems against power failures and general voltage fluctuations. 


Successful cooperation in Helsinki

Hetzner Online, a leading web-hosting service and data center operator, has been a partner of HOPPECKE for many years. The Internet service provider operates three state-of-the-art data centers in Nuremberg and Falkenstein in Germany, and in Helsinki, Finland. Additionally, the company also offers an environmentally sustainable infrastructure for the improved operation of websites and provides high-performance hosting products.

Several HOPPECKE battery systems supply all three locations of the data center operator with energy and help to secure data. This year, a HOPPECKE battery system, designed for 1.2 MW for 15 minutes, will be put into operation. With the grid | power V H we provide a reliable, high-quality energy storage unit that fully meets the requirements of the customer. The HOPPECKE grid | power V H is particularly impressive due to its good high-current capability and its exceptionally long service life.
In addition, HOPPECKE delivers the entire system including installation, because with the HOPPECKE service company and more than 300 technicians, HOPPECKE is one of the largest suppliers of service solutions for industrial batteries. 

With our energy storage units and energy systems for IT and data centers, we offer solutions that ensure trouble-free storage and reliable protection of data even with increasing data traffic.

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