LogiMAT 2024

March 19th - 21st | Messe Stuttgart | Hall 10, Booth F33.
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HOPPECKE at LogiMAT 2024


At LogiMAT 2024, HOPPECKE's main focus this year will be on space-saving. Our booth F33 in hall 10 will show you how to do this using the latest energy systems. Get useful information about the topics of saving space and energy, sustainability, digitization of your battery fleet and efficient energy systems.

Drop by and visit us: Hall 10, Booth F33. We look forward to your visit!


What you can expect at LogiMAT 2024

High-energy solutions driving you forward. A system approach with numerous advantages.
With the motto "GO GREEN - OPTIMISE YOUR FOOTPRINT WITH HOPPECKE", we will be presenting our latest outdoor charging system: trak | systemizer powercube. 
Discover how you can lower your operating costs, save valuable space and reduce your CO2 emissions at the same time. Find out more about the versatile components of trak | systemizer powercube, including batteries, chargers and monitoring systems.



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trak | systemizer powercube - especially weather-resistant 

Up to 49 % less construction costs.

In other words: Take your charging station outside and gain back valuable space indoors. With the outdoor turnkey charging station, you do not only create space, but also act flexibly during peak periods. The outdoor charging station allows you to charge your batteries and store them for future peaks in demand at the same time.

 >> More information about trak | systemizer powercube <<



trak | uplift quadro – especially powerful 

Up to 75 % more usable capacity.

In other words: Get the better half of your forklift truck for transporting or lifting heavy loads. 
trak | uplift quadro has been developed with an innovative cell design that offers significantly reduced internal resistance. As a result, the battery can not only deliver high currents, but also maintain high voltages at the same time in order to continuously supply the required battery capacity. For you as a user, this means an extended service life for your fleet.

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trak | uplift ex – especially safe

Certified in accordance with ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.

In other words: A battery that won't let you go in dirty and explosive environments. Thanks to a tray specially developed for extreme applications and the special Ex cells, you benefit from maximum safety. trak | uplift ex batteries offer a complete product range for categories 2 (zones 1 and 21) and 3 (zones 2 and 22) up to temperature class T6 (80°C).

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trak | uplift air – especially economical 

Up to 30 % less energy consumption.

In other words: Use the HOPPECKE electrolyte circulation system for your batteries. Air is blown in to prevent the formation of acid layers. The result: You will need fewer replacement batteries. And above all, the service life of your batteries is extended. .

 >> More information about trak |  uplift air <<



trak | charger HF premium – especially efficient

Increase system efficiency by up to 30 %.

In other words: There is no complete system without a battery charger.
trak | charger HF premium charger works in conjunction with the battery and battery controller to ensure an efficient charging process. The highly efficient power electronics in the charger achieve an efficiency of over 93% over the entire charging process.

>> More information about trak | charger HF premium <<



trak | monitor 4.0 – especially inteliigent

Save up to 50 % energy through peak load management. 

In other words: Keep control of all the performance and consumption data of your batteries and chargers.
trak | monitor communicates with your chargers and the HOPPECKE battery controller trak | collect. This allows you to act based on real-time data. For you, this means maximum transparency in battery and fleet management.

 >> More information about trak |  monitor 4.0 <<



trak | systemizer fleet – especially fast

Up to 50 % time saving with minimum effort. 

In other words: Get high performance with your own turnkey charging station. The HOPPECKE trak | systemiser fleet charging station is available with a wide range of equipment. For example, with the trak | Xchange PUinterchangeable trolley. It can be attached to any pallet truck and is specially designed for 48-80 V batteries. The hydraulic extension enables effortless battery transport, while a locking device ensures safety during transport.

>> More information about trak | systemizer fleet <<




HOPPECKE Service – especially customized

360° Lifecycle Services. 

In other words: With HOPPECKE Service, you are always on the safe side. More than 250 service technicians are available for you worldwide. Regardless of whether you need installation, testing, maintenance, repairs or spare parts. Our service team is there for you to keep your business running smoothly. 

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Where to find us at LogiMAT 2024

Get valuable information about the new outdoor charging station as well as our batteries, chargers and systems at LogiMAT 2024: Hall 10, Booth F33. We look forward to your visit!