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Our sun | air electrolyte circulation system saves you time and money. Increased charging efficiency results in you needing considerably less energy. Sealed lead-acid batteries typically require up to 120% of discharged energy to be recharged to return to their initial state. This charge factor also includes the rectification of acid layering. The use of HOPPECKE sun | air substantially reduces the required charge factor. The efficiency gain is around 15% compared to charging without sun | air. Less time and energy are therefore needed to recharge the battery and achieve even distribution of the electrolyte. Our HOPPECKE sun | air also reduces service costs, since water loss is considerably reduced compared to regular charging. The HOPPECKE sun | air additionally increases the battery's operating life and provides ecological and economic benefits for your entire battery system.

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  • Economical recharging - cost reduction through increased charging efficiency and significantly reduced charging time
  • Environmentally friendly - reduced running time of additional (diesel) generators protects the environment and saves costs
  • Extended battery life - no acid stratification
  • Minimal maintenance costs - maintenance-free pump system with automatic control
  • Reduced battery service costs - reduced water consumption leads to longer refill intervals

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Typical areas of application:

  • Village power supply
  • Emergency power supply (UPS)
  • Network services / Large storage facilities



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