Microprocessor-controlled high-frequency charger

trak | charger HF classic

Take advantage of the microprocessor-controlled trak | charger HF classic with automatic charging control for lead traction batteries. The use of high-frequency technology in a modular design enables compact designs and space-saving wall or stand mounting. Due to our modular structure, in terms of performance and accessories, our systems can be individually configured to your needs. Due to the optional electrolyte circulation (trak | air), electricity costs, water consumption and battery maintenance can be further reduced. The device is suitable for all applications in the voltage range from 24V to 80V. The charger is ideally suited as an entry-level device in the HF range for price-sensitive customers who appreciate the basic functionality but still want a high-quality and efficient product.

Area of Application

  • Industrial trucks
  • Cleaning machines
  • Lifting platforms

Product data:

Technology HF - High frequency technology
Product group Chargers

Norms and standards

  • DIN-EN-61000-3-12-2012-06
  • DIN-EN-61000-3-2-2015-03
  • DIN-EN-61000-6-2-2005
  • DIN-EN-61000-6-4-2007-and-A1-2011
  • DIN-EN-60335-1-2012
  • DIN-EN-60335-2-29-2004-and-A2-2010


Your advantages

  • Cost reduction due to high efficiency
  • Easy handling and assembly due to low weight and dimensions
  • Reduction of maintenance costs and electricity costs as well as increased service life because of trak | air electrolyte circulation
  • Long service life due to very low temperature rise during operation
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