trak | power V L - HPzS

trak | power VL HPzS are the first choice when it comes to reliable, safe and durable solutions that can be used particularly economically due to their high efficiency. Designed and manufactured according to European standards, the positive electrode is constructed as a tubular plate containing the active mass and the negative electrode as a grid plate.

This makes the high-quality trak | power VL HPzS suitable for all classic traction applications that require a fail-safe solution.
Our battery systems offer you the highest quality at low investment costs and maximum flexibility, so that you can retrofit additional components, such as trak | air or trak | collect, at any time. In addition, they are absolutely reliable in operation thanks to the robust plastic coating and the resulting tray insulation.

Area of Application

  • Cold storage
  • Special-purpose vehicles
  • Cleaning machines
  • Industrial trucks
  • Lifting platforms

Product data:

Product groupcells-blocks-modules

Norms and standards

  • IEC-EN-DIN-60254-2



Data sheet

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Accessories & options

trak | charger HF premium - view details

trak | charger HF premium

The trak | charger HF premium is the perfect solution for automatic recharging of lead-acid batteries in industrial trucks, regardless of the state of discharge. It covers a wide range of industrial battery types, technologies and voltages. <…

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trak | uplift

Lead-acid traction battery with new Active Carbon active mass composition. The battery offers low investment costs with high product quality.

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trak | uplift air

Lead-acid traction battery with high-quality electrolyte circulation system trak | air. The battery offers lower energy and water refill costs while providing high battery availability through reduced charging time.

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trak | uplift save

Lead-acid traction battery with screwed tray lid and standard electrolyte level indicator. The battery offers reduced maintenance and protection from violent damage.

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trak | uplift save⁺

Lead-acid traction battery with robust tray cover, electrolyte level indicator as standard and central degassing . The battery offers high investment security and protection against contamination.

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trak | uplift iQ - view details

trak | uplift iQ

Lead-acid traction battery system with battery controller and smart charging function. The energy system provides low operating cost, fast charging and long life.

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