trak | uplift save - Traction energy systems with encapsulated battery

trak | uplift save

Traction energy systems with encapsulated battery

The trak | uplift save is the third level of our new battery line:

The encapsulation by the robust Safe-Tray, including battery lid, protects against violent damage and reduces the contamination of the battery in daily use.


Maintenance costs for conventional lead-acid batteries primarily result from topping up with water, cleaning the surface of the battery and checks for damage.

The new trak | uplift save battery reduces these costs with the aid of innovative technology.

Encapsulation with the robust Save-Tray including the battery cover provides protection against physical damage and reduces battery soiling in daily use.

Together with the trak | aquafill top-up system, the separators which are equipped with Antimony Protection considerably reduce water consumption.

As a system solution with a trak | charger HF premium from HOPPECKE, trak | uplift save batteries maximise charging intervals through safe charging and are therefore almost completely maintenance-free.

The advantages
  • Minimum water consumption
  • Protection against physical damage due to incorrect handling
  • Extended service life
  • Reduced control activities