trak | uplift

trak | uplift

Traction energy system with excellent cost effectiveness

The trak | uplift is the first level of our new battery line:

Thanks to the new Active Carbon, the trak | uplift already achieves outstanding performance values in the first expansion level - and with every further level you optimise your operating result through lower maintenance costs, longer service life and perfect monitoring.

If you wish to minimise investment costs and optimally utilise your budget, but also want to use top quality motive power batteries, our trak | uplift batteries are your optimal solution.

The heart of all trak | uplift batteries is the new Active Carbon. Precisely matched active materials enable higher current discharge characteristics as well as improved fast charging capability. In combination with the optimised active area ratio of the new 3D Enhanced Electrode Design, Active Carbon ensures increased service life for cyclic applications.

In single shift operation trak | uplift batteries demonstrate their durability and economy. The Protective Shell Separator effectively protects against short circuits as a result of deposits of free active material on the negative electrode. A pole feed-through with a labyrinth system specially developed for the daily requirements of industrial trucks withstands even the highest mechanical strains and ensures reliable operation and reduced maintenance.

The trak | uplift battery is now available as a costo-ptimised basic solution which is designed so that additional components such as trak | air electrolyte circulation can be retrofitted at any time. 

Customised or vehicle-specific adaptations are of course possible at any time.

The advantages
  • Active Carbon ensures improved fast charging capability
  • The Protective Shell Separator effectively prevents short circuits due to mossing
  • Can be retrofitted with trak | air or other components at any time
  • Rapid availability
  • Universal use
  • High quality – low procurement costs
  • Ultimate service life in systems with HOPPECKE chargers