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Corporate | Energy blog
Energy supply in transition

Corporate | Energy blog
Gas-fired power plants - back-up for wind and solar energy

Corporate | Energy blog
Green hydrogen - new important pillar of the energy transition

Corporate | Energy blog
Solar energy and photovoltaic plants – harnessing the power of the sun

Corporate | Energy blog
Sodium-ion: The future alternative to lithium-ion technology?

Corporate | Energy blog
Biomass and biomass power plants - the most widely used regenerative…

Corporate | Energy blog
Hydroelectric power plants - harnessing the power of water

Corporate | Energy blog
Nuclear power plants (NPP) - an efficient process with a disposal…

Corporate | Energy blog
Coal-fired power plants - the "dirtiest" type of electricity generation

Corporate | Energy blog
Wind energy and wind farms - dependent on the vagaries of the weather

trak | Energy blog | Customer magazine
HOPPECKE supplies leading food manufacturer in the USA

rail | Energy blog | Customer magazine
Rail transport

grid | Energy blog | Customer magazine
HOPPECKE grid | AquaGen Comic

grid | Energy blog
Pure lead-acid batteries for telecommunication application

grid | sun | Energy blog
Sustainable access to electricity in the middle of a rainforest in Costa…

rail | Energy blog | Case study
Alstom H3 - Hybrid Locomotive