High-current capable battery system with lead-acid AGM block batteries

trak | uplift impulse

The trak | uplift impulse battery system offers decisive advantages over conventional lead-acid traction batteries in many details.

The high-current capability of the virtually emission-free AGM monobloc batteries ensures long runtimes, especially in dynamic applications and short-term high loads.

Even greater flexibility and maximum vehicle availability are offered by the opportunity charging capable integrated onboard charger. This means there are no additional costs for external chargers and charging stations. This makes the battery system the perfect companion for truck-mounted forklifts and electric pallet trucks.

Its high energy efficiency in conjunction with a HOPPECKE charger saves up to 16% in energy costs. This makes the trak | uplift impulse a safe investment in operational safety and economy. Using the HOPPECKE charging characteristic specially optimized for AGM technology, up to 1,000 charging cycles can be achieved.

The system is completely maintenance-free, so there is no need to refill water over the complete service life.

Area of Application

  • Industrial trucks
  • Cleaning machines
  • Lifting platforms

Product data:

Construction sealed - Gas-tight, valve-regulated battery
Series AGM - Absorbant Glass Mat
Technology Lead-acid
Performance M - Discharge with medium current
Product group Batteries


Your advantages

  • 100% maintenance-free - no maintenance costs due to water refilling
  • Plug and charge, easy charging at any power outlet - no additional costs for chargers and charging stations
  • maximum vehicle availability with high energy efficiency - cost reductions of up to 16%
  • nearly emission-free
  • Reduction of battery contamination due to binding of electrolyte in fleece
  • Protection against mechanical damage due to robust tray design



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