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  • HOPPECKE Batteries will secure public transport in Amsterdam

    Energy even in the case of a power outage

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  • The HOPPECKE History online

    90 years of company history in a digital chronicle

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  • sun | systemizer connected to the grid

    The first hybrid large-scale energy storage system is now in operation

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  • HOPPECKE powers climate-neutral ship

    The climate-neutral seminar ship operated with HOPPECKE batteries has successfully completed its maiden voyage

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  • NEW COMPANY MOVIE: Explore the world of HOPPECKE in two minutes

    You are invited to a quick journey across the HOPPECKE WORLD

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trak | powerpack lion - view details

trak | powerpack lion

Lithium-ion retrofit solution especially for industrial logistical applications

More information
trak | systemizer dynamics - view details

trak | systemizer dynamics

The coolest traction energy system for high-current applications

More information
trak | charger HF premium - view details

trak | charger HF premium

High-Frequency chargers - efficient and smart

More information
trak | ex - view details

trak | ex

Explosion-proof and ATEX certified batteries

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trak | systemizer rapid - view details

trak | systemizer rapid

Fast charging system for productivity gains

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trak | powerpack - view details

trak | powerpack

The unique battery system for electric pallet trucks

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grid | fnc VR - view details

grid | fnc VR

The grid | fnc VR is a valve regulated nickel-cadmium Battery

More information
grid | power V X - view details

grid | power V X

series GroE - vented lead-acid battery

More information
grid | net.power - view details


Sealed lead-acid battery

More information
grid | power V L - view details

grid | power V L

series OPzS - vented lead-acid battery

More information
grid | aquagen - view details

grid | aquagen

Recombination system for stationary batteries

More information
grid | power VR L - view details

grid | power VR L

series OPzV bloc - valve regulated lead-acid battery

More information
sun | powerpack premium - view details

sun | powerpack premium

Battery storage system for energy saving

More information
sun | powerpack classic - view details

sun | powerpack classic

Optimise your direct consumption of photovoltaic energy

More information
sun | air - view details

sun | air

Electrolyte Circulation System

More information
sun | fusebox - view details

sun | fusebox

Battery back-up load disconnector for disconnecting and protecting the battery installation

More information
sun | power V L - view details

sun | power V L

Series OPzS - Vented lead-acid battery for cyclic applications

More information
sun | power VR M - view details

sun | power VR M

Valve regulated lead acid batteries

More information
rail | power LiOn 133V - view details

rail | power LiOn 133V

The highest energy density combined with maximum performance

More information
rail | systemizer - view details

rail | systemizer

system solutions for rail vehicles

More information
rail | power LiOn 24V - view details

rail | power LiOn 24V

The highest energy density combined with maximum performance

More information
rail | power VR - view details

rail | power VR

Valve regulated lead-acid battery with innovative Gel–ESS battery technology

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rail | power FNC V - view details

rail | power FNC V

Energy storage for railway application - nickel-cadmium technology

More information