• Let´s get connected - HOPPECKE at ees Europe 2019

    From 15 to 17 May the largest, most international and most visited trade fair for batteries and energy storage systems in Europe and one of the most important energy storage fairs in the world takes place in Munich: the ees Europe 2019 / Intersolar.

    We are there and look forward to your visit in Hall B1 Stand 460!

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  • HOPPECKE welcomes INTILION GmbH to the group and congratulates them on their launch

    On April 1, 2019, the time had finally come: INTILION GmbH started its business activities in Zwickau and Paderborn and thus took over all activities of the HOPPECKE Group for the new lithium ion storage technology.

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  • Vivarail and HOPPECKE: long-term battery supply for Class 230 trains

    Emission-free in rail transport.

    HOPPECKE's lithium-ion batteries are ideal for Class 230 trains, because they provide the rapid charging required for battery trains.

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  • trak | ecomizer:

    Contracting Model saves time and money for your core business.
    Our Contracting Model allows us to analyse customer´s requirements.
    And customers pay only for the power consumed!

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  • The Verbinder - our company magazine since 1973

    Find out what has happened to us in recent years and have a look at the latest issues. Newly Printed: Issue 2019!

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HOPPECKE - your expert for industrial batteries & energy storage solutions

HOPPECKE - your expert for industrial batteries & energy storage solutions

Electrical energy is needed everywhere and in more and more applications. In this world where everything becomes electrical, HOPPECKE is the solution partner who understands the customer's needs better than anyone else.

We offer energy storage solutions in the four main application areas of emission-free drives (trak), secured power supply (grid), storage of regenerative energies (sun) and railway- / metro-systems (rail). 

With our Headquarter in Brilon-Hoppecke, Germany and 21 international subsidiaries, we employ more than 2000 people worldwide.
trak | powerpack lion - view details

trak | powerpack lion

Lithium-ion retrofit solution especially for industrial logistical applications

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trak | systemizer dynamics - view details

trak | systemizer dynamics

The coolest traction energy system for high-current applications

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trak | charger HF premium - view details

trak | charger HF premium

High-Frequency chargers - efficient and smart

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trak | ex - view details

trak | ex

Explosion-proof and ATEX certified batteries

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trak | systemizer rapid - view details

trak | systemizer rapid

Fast charging system for productivity gains

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trak | powerpack - view details

trak | powerpack

The unique battery system for electric pallet trucks

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grid | power FNC-VR - view details

grid | power FNC-VR

The grid | power FNC-VR is a valve regulated nickel-cadmium Battery

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grid | power V X - view details

grid | power V X

series GroE - vented lead-acid battery

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grid | aquagen - view details

grid | aquagen

Recombination system for stationary batteries

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grid | net.power - view details


Sealed lead-acid battery

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grid | power V L - view details

grid | power V L

series OPzS bloc - vented lead-acid battery

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sun | powerpack classic - view details

sun | powerpack classic

Optimise your direct consumption of photovoltaic energy

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sun | systemizer scalecube - view details

sun | systemizer scalecube

Battery storage system for optimizing the photovoltaic self-consumption

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sun | air - view details

sun | air

Electrolyte Circulation System

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sun | fuse box - view details

sun | fuse box

Battery back-up load disconnector for disconnecting and protecting the battery installation

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sun | power V L - view details

sun | power V L

Series OPzS - Vented lead-acid battery for cyclic applications

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sun | power VR M - view details

sun | power VR M

Valve regulated lead acid batteries

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rail | power LiOn 133V - view details

rail | power LiOn 133V

The highest energy density combined with maximum performance

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rail | systemizer - view details

rail | systemizer

system solutions for rail vehicles

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rail | power VR - view details

rail | power VR

Valve regulated lead-acid battery with innovative Gel–ESS battery technology

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rail | power FNC V - view details

rail | power FNC V

Energy storage for railway application - nickel-cadmium technology

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rail | power FNC VA - view details

rail | power FNC VA

Advanced FNC® line of products with internal recombination, extended service cycles

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rail | aquafill - view details

rail | aquafill

Central Water Refilling for FNC® Battery Systems

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